The Thrive Accelerator is a proven talent development model.

We actively coach and develop new talent to jump-start a transformative career in technology.

Thrive Accelerator Program

Thrive Accelerator is a proven talent development model, where we invest in training and mentoring technical talent to grow our clients diverse teams.  Apprentices are trained and mentored by industry professionals for in-demand skills like Test Automation, Java and .Net. Development. We use an established 4-step process to cultivate a skilled IT workforce: 


We use a multi-step talent selection process


Intensive 8-Week Boot Camp in Test Automation or 15-week Developer training


12 months of on-the-job training with experienced mentor


With applied professional IT experience

Accelerate Clients


Thrive Accelerator

Program Results

Our program makes tech careers accessible to diverse opportunity seekers. With an 88% success rate, our apprentices land positions with industry-leading corporations after 12-months of on-the-job experience.

Apprentices Hired Since 2016
0 %
Of Graduates are economically self-sufficent at 12 months
0 X
Increase in Annual Compensation at 12 Months
Over $ 0 MM
Positive Economic Community Impact Since 2016

Case Study

IT Careers with the Potential to Transform Communities

The Situation

The Thrive Accelerator program addresses two specific problems in our community. Thousands of tech jobs go unfilled each year in our region. Meanwhile, thousands of our neighbors are unemployed or underemployed and struggle to thrive. The Thrive Accelerator launched in 2016 with the mission to connect high-aptitude, motivated adults with a pathway into high-paying and sustainable IT careers

The Solution

Thrive Accelerator Apprentices are identified through partnerships with local programming and software testing bootcamps. After successfully completing intensive technical skills training, graduates are offered positions with Ingage Partners as an Apprentice within our Thrive Accelerator program.  Apprentices are assigned a Mentor, an experienced Ingage Consultant, to gain on-the-job experience in delivering project work at one of our industry-leading clients. The Mentor provides professional and technical coaching and skill-building guidanceLearn more about our Mentors. 

In addition to on-the-job experience, Apprentices benefit from other professional skillbuilding opportunities like interviewing best practices, career pathway discussions and building a network of industry professionals. An Apprentice will graduate from the Ingage Accelerator program after 12 months, or upon accepting an offer from a client or another employer in the industry.  Learn about our Apprentice Graduates.

The Thrive Accelerator program relies on strong client partnerships to provide opportunities for new IT professionals to develop a much needed talent pipeline for our community. Through a variety of projects that involve designing, building, and delivering business solutions, these companies are building a future talent pipeline while providing opportunities for our Apprentices to develop valuable experience and achieve their dreams

The Impact

Since 2016, the Thrive Accelerator has offered a proven model for developing a local pipeline of diverse tech talent and providing transformational opportunities to people in our community.  A broader community benefit also exists. Increasing the taxable income of low-wage workers and reducing reliance on public assistance benefits have a compounding financial impact. Since the programs inception this financial impact totals over $1.2MM.  

Our Team

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