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Tech Solutions for Rapid Growth

The Situation

When we first engaged with Crossroads Church, they were struggling to stay agile amidst their growth and needed a partner with a growth mindset that could help through their agile transformation. Teams were struggling with autonomy and measurement. Our partnership with Crossroads has flourished throughout the years. We provide the best consultants to meet their Product Ownership, Scrum Master, Design, Development, and Quality Assurance needs across 50+ Products. Crossroads has been undergoing a rapid agile transformation, and their needs have shifted to include strategic planning for products, preparing teams for discovery, restructuring the team dynamic, scaling processes to be right-sized, and building an empowering culture. As they have grown, their website needed to scale to be able to support new locations with customizations, similar to a franchise model. We also helped them with their Kids’ Club application that needed an improved customer experience for improved kid safety, parent notification, and faster check-in and checkout process.

The Solution

We work closely with Crossroads to align resources and skills to meet very fluid goals. Our consultants collaborate with employees and other consultants across a diverse product portfolio, supported by autonomous teams. The Crossroads culture, similar to our culture at Ingage, embraces a growth mindset which enables our consultants to explore, train, and develop into new roles. Our consultants flex to the need, pursuing professional development, able to quickly adapt to new roles. We recently transitioned an automation consultant to a developer role. And, we’ve had others flex to need floating between product owner, scrum master, and agile coach roles. Our team has created value by optimizing existing products, defining new products in discovery, and retiring products.We helped modernize and add more engaging content for their website while improving team culture along the way. We’ve also analyzed and recommended products to purchase to replace outdated payment and custom travel solutions.
For Kids’ Club, we helped streamline the check-in process, which led to increased safety measures, improved parent notifications, and functionality that alerts staff when a new room needs to be opened. This creates an experience for parents that delivers peace-of-mind, helps employees provide organized care, and collects more accurate data. No available product could deliver all the complex requirements needed for Kids’ Club. But, now the code is freely available on GitHub.

The Impact

We’re helping Crossroads care for up to 10,000 kids each weekend. Because the updates to event check-in allow for faster check-in and more personalized data capture, events can start more quickly and community engagement has increased. This not only serves Crossroads’ Ministry but also Crossroads’ volunteers and families. Additionally, the engaging content we’re developing is helping individuals process their personal stories. Along the way, we’ve helped to modernize their technology stack and architecture.With all of these changes, team culture and morale have been impacted. We’ve embraced growth and agile mindsets leveraging SCRUM and design thinking, to create a culture and set of teams that can adapt to meet client needs.

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