Mike R

Mike has worn a few different hats during his IT career spanning 18 years. He’s had the opportunity to learn from a vast group of seasoned IT professionals and has been exposed to some diverse IT environments, which has given him the ability to adapt to constant change in the industry. His career started in Manufacturing IT for Delphi Automotive as a Web/Middle Tier Developer eventually transitioning into Global Project Management. From there, he pursued a Database Administration role in Higher Ed for Youngstown State University. His primary focus became database security, Personal Identifiable Information, and application integration. One core value that has always echoed throughout his career is his desire to make a difference by positively impact those around him. Thrive has given Mike an opportunity to pursue a higher calling of deep purpose while adding to it the prospect to be a catalyst for change.

Mike graduated from Youngstown State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems in 2000.

In 2016, Mike moved to the Cincinnati area with his wife and their two kids. They love exploring the city together and participating in all the activities Cincinnati has to offer. Mike’s hobbies include (but not limited to) playing games of any type and happens to be a (self-proclaimed) progressive music evangelist. ikMe hates avocados.

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