Elena T.

Director of Purpose and Thrive Accelerator

Our Team

Accelerate Practice Lead

Professional Experience

Elena is a compassionate leader with 15 years of corporate and nonprofit experience in program management, impact evaluation and community giving. She has led programs in girls’ education and education-to-employment among underserved communities in the U.S. and abroad. She is effective at working with diverse teams and managing multiple priorities with a focus on providing support to those in need.

Currently, Elena wears two hats at Ingage as the Director of Purpose where she leads Ingage’s community giving initiatives and Director of the Thrive Accelerator, building life-changing careers in tech. As many Cincinnatians join tech bootcamps to increase their earning potential and employability, they also struggle to break into the tech world. At the same time, many businesses struggle to find capable, trusted talent. The Thrive Accelerator solves both barriers by filling a talent pipeline with junior professionals who are mentored early on in their careers.

Personal Background

Elena grew up in Cincinnati with immigrant parents who sparked a love of travel and the value of education. In 2009, she set off to live in Latin America to understand the complexities and possible solutions to poverty. Today, she is back in Cincinnati with her family. Elena loves to cook and takes every opportunity to explore the world.