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Case Study

Design improved user centricity, empathy and impact

The Situation

Kroger invests in consumer insights seeking to constantly improve customer service. They sought our help to create an improved experience in their pharmacy area. Ingage provided experienced Consultants to work closely with multiple product teams. The overall objective was twofold; improve the wait time for pharmacy customers and increase work productivity for pharmacy employees.

The Solution

Fundamental to the success of any customer solution is a solid foundation of research with deep insights into customer preferences and unmet needs. Our team conducted interviews, usability tests, and led a cross-functional team through the solution architecture, wireframing, sketching and prototyping. Based upon our learnings, we created personas representative of Kroger customers for an increased level of empathy as we developed a solution to meet their needs. One significant opportunity to reduce wait time was to streamline the prescription notification process to customers. Within just a few weeks, this insight led to the development of a privacy-compliant text message notification option to simplify the process and remove pain points for both customers and employees. By including a link to information, customers would be able to quickly find information on the company website, and eliminate the need to call the pharmacy.

The Impact

There is a marked improvement in teamwork and motivation among Kroger Associates. Design sprints that require underlying work process changes are always met more favorably when there is an understanding of the “why” behind the solution. Having engaged all teams throughout, we were able to drive more accountability internally to ensure adoption and successful launch. But the biggest win was for Kroger customers in improving access to information, thus reducing wait times.

The impact of research, personas, and empathy in increasing team motivation and cohesiveness is becoming increasingly important. Relationship-building has been crucial in helping others understand the business value that user-centered design creates. Because the work is impacting the customer and employee experience, the team understands the impact they are making. It is rewarding to work on solutions that will improve the health of customers’ lives and reduce stress for our client’s employees.
Carl G.
UX Designer

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