Thrive Accelerator Graduates



Ingage Partners

I am thankful for this program which equipped me with a great coach and all the tools I needed to succeed

Sean's Experience

Before Ingage, Sean left his last job mentally exhausted. He wanted to become a Developer so he attended a Tech Elevator coding bootcamp. Soon after, he was offered an apprenticeship with Ingage’s Thrive Accelerator.

Sean describes the experience as an amazing journey. After looking back one year later, he was astonished to see the growth he has experienced, confidence gained and the excitement he has going to work each day.  Sean also recognizes his earning potential allows him to address his debt head on. 

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Software Analyst
Great American Insurance

I now enjoy my new career and have many opportunities to grow in the tech field.

Kate's Experience

After being a stay-at-home mom for four years, Kate was ready to get back in the workforce. She knew her former job as a bank teller would not financially support her family, and came across the Quality Assurance Software Testing course with Per Scholas. After graduating from the program, she was offered a job as an Apprentice with Ingage’s Thrive Accelerator.

Ingage provided her with a mentor and hands-on experience as a Software Tester. Soon after,  her client at the Great American Insurance Group offered her a full-time position where she will continue to advance her career.



Software Systems Analyst
Wright-Patt Credit Union

“My mentors empowered and motivated me to take control of my career.”

Wole's Experience

Wole was the first Apprentice hired into the Thrive Accelerator program in 2016.  After spending two years drilling for oil and gas out West, Wole packed up his things and moved to Cincinnati unsure of what he would do next. He had studied physics in school and had always been interested in science and technology. He heard about CityLink through Crossroads Church and after completing the Software Testing Course with Per Scholas, Wole was hired by Ingage (previously Thrive Impact Sourcing).

Wole spent his time at Ingage working as a Software Tester and valued the support system he had from his co-workers on his project teams. Wole continued to build on his experience by taking a position with his client at the time, Wright-Patt Credit Union as a Software Systems Analyst.