Meet Our Mentors



Managing Consultant

Andrea's Story

Andrea has worked in IT for more years than she wants to count anymore in positions such as mainframe development, quality assurance, project management, business analysis and process improvement teams.

Since 2017, Andrea has been a mentor for the Thrive Accelerator where she shares her experience with the Apprentices in the program.  One of the things she enjoys most is challenging them to use new ways and tools to accomplish tasks. When working with Apprentices, flexibility and adaptability are critical to success.  Projects will present challenges, so working as a team to find solutions to these issues and then watching the Apprentices succeed is very fulfilling to her. 

The opportunity to work at Ingage came to me at a time when I was reevaluating things in my life.  I wanted to do more, be more, but also maintain the knowledge I had developed over the years.  Ingage allows me to continue to be an expert in IT quality assurance as well as give back to the community.  I love being a coach and mentor!”


Managing Consultant

Ken's Story

Ken has worked in IT since retiring from a distinguished career in the Air Force. Throughout his career, Ken has had a passion for teaching and helping others develop new skills. Ken started as a Senior Consultant with Ingage Partners in 2016 and is now a Managing Consultant. 

When working with an Apprentice, Ken’s ultimate goal is to build each person’s confidence and thereby, his or her ability to work independently.  This happens by holding weekly lunch-and-learns and regularly scheduled meetings, and most importantly pairing to deliver client projects. Ken is privileged to see his Apprentices mature as both Developers and SDETs, and successfully launch their careers with other major companies.   

My experience as a Mentor with the Thrive Accelerator has motivated me even more to keep learning since I am now responsible for leading new professionals. It has energized me! I try hard to be as prepared as possible. Preparation is everything!”


Senior Consultant

Quinton's Story

Quinton has made a successful career in consulting for over 20 years.  Specializing in a range of IT functions from Quality Assurance, Business Analysis and Project Management has afforded him the skills and knowledge to be an asset to the company as well as an outstanding coach and mentor.  Joining the Ingage Partners family in 2016 as a Huddle Lead, coaching those new to IT provided a sense of purpose to him.  

When working with an Apprentice, Quinton’s approach is to build a trusting relationship and guide the Apprentice to identify their own strengths and weaknesses.  This is done by helping to develop his or her own voice and build self-confidence as well as dignity in the workplace.  Quinton is most pleased to see when an Apprentice has a breakthrough moment and continues to excel.  

“Being an instrumental part of the Thrive Accelerator has given me purpose and a sense of pride to know that I am shaping the culture and changing lives.  One of the main messages I try and get across to my Apprentices is the 5 ‘P’s.  Proper, Planning, Prevents, Poor, Performance! ”